Personal Lubricant

Cheap Personal Lubricant offers the largest selection of personal lubricant on-line. Over 60 brands of personal lubricant in over 700 varieties and sizes; including Silicone Lubricant, Water-based Lubricant, Natural Lubricant, Vaginal Lubricant, Anal Lubricant, Flavored Lubricant, and much more.

As we celebrate 15 years in business, we would like to acknowledge those brands that have been with us from the beginning with the "Premier Brand" designation. 
SportLube® Personal Lubricant
Silicone Based Personal Lubricant
CANDiLAND Sensual Glide
Clean Stream
Relaxing Anal Lubricant
J-Lube Lubricant
Veterinarian Lubricant
Tom Of Finland Brand
Tom Of Finland Personal Lubricant