Wet Personal Lubricant


Wet Personal Lubricant: Whether you need a little or a lot… WET Personal Lubricant has you covered. Our line of high-quality, innovative and unique products are formulated using only the finest ingredients at our FDA-approved facility, meeting the strictest manufacturing standards We carry a large variety of personal and flavored lubricants, flavored heating massage lotions and aromatherapy heating massage oils.
FUN FACT: WET was the first brand sold by CheapLubes.com back in 1996 so their logo appears in Gold throughout the web site.
Wet Deserts Flavored Lubricants
Wet Deserts Flavored Lubricants
WET Hemptation
Infused with USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract
Wet Light Personal Lubricant
Liquid Personal Lubricant
Wet Original Personal Lubricant
Original Gel Personal Lubricant
Wet Platinum Lubricant
Silicone Based Lubricant - Latex Safe
Wet Ecstasy Personal Lubricant
Xtra Cooling Sensation Lubricant
Wet Naturals Personal Lubricant
Natural Ingredients; Glycerin & Paraben-Free
Wet Synergy Personal Lubricant
Water/Silicone Hybrid
Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant
Thicker Anal Lubricant
Wet Warming Personal Lubricant
Warming Personal Lubricant
Wet Flavored Personal Lubricant
Six Great Flavored Lubricants
Wet Stimulating Gels
Stimulating Gel & Lubricant
Wet Pheromone Personal Lubricant
Pheromone Lubricant
Wet Keep It Clean
Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Wash
WET Nuru Massage Gel
Body-on-Body Massage Gel