Delicious Mouth Watering Flavored Lubricants -

Delicious Mouth Watering Flavored Lubricants

Chase M

Flavored Lubricants have exploded in popularity over the last 15 years. They can add a little excitement to your sex life but they are more of a novelty to enhance a romantic evening then a hardcore personal lubricant for everyday sex. Currently, we sell over 50 different flavors across multiple brands. From Cool Mint to Wild Cherry there is sure to be a flavor to satisfy anyone's pallet. 

Flavored Personal Lubricant

Flavored lubricants generally tend to be water-based lubricants with flavoring and sometimes coloring added to make them look and taste more appealing. Great for enhancing oral sex with your partner these lubes can be stickier than traditional water-based lubricants due to higher glycerin content to make them sweet to the taste. 

Flavored lubes are generally safe to be ingested and at tradeshows in the past flavored lubes would even be used as toppings for ice cream to demonstrate their delicious taste and safety. However, as a rule, I would not recommend using it as a condiment. 

Check out our extensive line of flavored lubricants to help enhance your next romantic encounter. 

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