With over 4 million sold and counting, Fleshlight® is arguably the #1 selling male masturbating sex toy in the world! In a market saturated with cheap novelties designed for a quick sale and destined to leave you unsatisfied and frustrated, the Fleshlight stands out as one of the only branded masturbation products for men that you will ask for by name.   Fleshlight® has been leading the industry in providing quality, durable products for men and will continue to develop and innovate their products to exceed expectations in the years to come.   Fleshlight: The product that started it all. Pre-assembled Fleshlight Masturbation Products (masturbation sleeve and case) for men. Fleshjack:  Each product is specifically developed for gay customers while continuing to provide the quality and unique feel of the classic Fleshlight®. Fleshlight Girls: Each product is molded from the anatomy of the hottest internet and film porn stars today.

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