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Aqua Lube Personal LubricantAqua Lube Personal Lubricant: Formulated for long-lasting sensual wetness, Aqua Lube enhances sexual intimacy by supplementing the body's natural lubrication. Aqua Lube personal lubricant is neither quickly absorbed, nor dissipated by friction or evaporation. Aqua Lube is water-based. Aqua Lube does not become sticky. Aqua Lube is consistently rated as one of the best lubricants in popular and professional surveys. Aqua Lube can be rubbed on the outside of the condom to reduce friction and to lessen the chance of breakage. Many men say that putting a small dab of Aqua Lube inside the tip of the condom before it is put on increases pleasurable feeling during sex.


Mayer Labs

$11.95 | $15.95